Bespoke content management systems and advanced website development

We can build the bespoke web site you need from the foundations up. You needn’t settle for a website packed with compromises that cost a fortune to rectify later. If it’s beyond a system, we will make the system.

Our business has been built on making web sites, just how they need to be. We can use the tools that are out there for web developers to work with, just like everyone else… but we don’t, unless we’ve established it’s absolutely the right tool for the job, and not just “the one we know how to use”. More often than not, we’re asked to do the bits that those tools just can’t do, or certainly can’t do well.

Understanding the user experience is understanding the project.

We really care about customers and not just ours. Understanding your customers means we understand you. If we know how you work, we know what your customers want, then we can understand how the jigsaw fits together for everyone. We make user experience better using a mix of black magic, biochemistry, astrophysics, quantum mechanics and common sense. We improve sales figures and site traffic with blackmail, strong-arm tactics, kidnap and soundly applied logic.

We start with the customer, making their use experience as good as it can be then the creative and technologies fall into line to help that customer journey. It’s this simple web design methodology that makes us successful; and it’s what we use to set you apart from the competition

We are driven by design simplicity

Our absolute dedication to simplicity and clarity for users drives the engine room too. Our content management systems could not be easier to control and navigate. Every function you would expect to manage a web site is available; you only ever see what you need to see to deal with the task in hand... There are no slabs of buttons and icons to learn. In fact there’s no icons at all, and hardly any buttons. If there is a button, there’s plain English text on it, telling you what it does. If it’s remotely complicated, there’s text there to tell you how to do it... all this means you can work under your own steam, when it suits you.

It’s important to us that our web sites and content management systems require very little support and training.  Documentation is concise and exceptionally simple to follow. If you can register with Amazon, you can use our content management systems. Every CMS we create is entirely tailored to you and the only options you see are the ones you need to manage your site, they way you told us you wanted to manage it.

We can get you online quickly with a bespoke web site that is completely designed around your requirements. Because we’ve built it from the ground up, we can customise it quickly and inexpensively over life of a project. We give you exactly what you want and clear out everything you don’t need. We make your web site easy to manage and maintain, however many people are involved.

For more information about our bespoke web development services, give our MD Karl a call directly on Birmingham telephone number 0121 616 0093.