Campaign Photography for Love Denim

We booked a model from a top 5 fashion agency and paired him with a good friend and London "face".

After scouting locations across London, we settled on the flower market at Columbia Road, shooting in the Royal Oak pub and the surrounding streets and market.

The images were later aged in photoshop to mirror the age of the environment and we cropped and repurposed for in store promotion, tags and swing tickets, editorials, blogs etc.

All work from preproduction, to shoot, to post production and retouching were completed in house at Stunn. The photographs were later submitted to severalfashion magazines and published as part of a wider PR campaign.

We love the planning and creativity in shooting this kind of work and in the modern era of microstock and corner cutting, it really allows people to stamp a unique personality on their products and projects. 

If you think this kind of creative photography would help you and your brand, then please call Karl on 0121 616 0098 for a chat about your requirements.

Caleb and Scott nr Columbia Road

Caleb inside the Royal Oak

Caleb models another sweat

Key campaign Image - Caleb & Scott by window light

In the back streets around Columbia Road