Corporate Identity / Brand overhaul

Phil's business has become very successful over the last 10 years - growing from a study at home to a national organisation with great reach and media awareness.

The business has also taken on euqity partners as it has grown and the business "look and feel" needed to be more representative of where they are and where they are going.

We were instructed to look at all elements of the visual language from logo, to typeography, tender and report documents, data sheets, brochures, web site and stationery. The logo itself was to at least pay creedence to what went before, so colours and the actual icon were tweaked and flattened, rather than completely thrown out of the window.

We opted for a very corporate, photography led visual language - this allowed us to introduce some dark greays, some black and whiote photography and an alltogether more modern feel.

Once the identity was decided upon, we rolled the look and feel out across all active media / customer touch points, both digital and print.

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Abstract showing corporate identity / logo design

Letterhead and business card front and back

Document wallet / briefcase and insert graphics