Corporate Identity Development

Mindful of the old identity and corporate values - our job was to get a new look and feel over the line that paid heed to the origins of the brand. At the same time, we wanted  to give the business a modern feel and some curb appeal.

Sticking with the basis of blues and greys, we implemented a more contemporary colour palette, we then flattened what was previously a 3D and shaded logo and revisited the typography, introducing a versatile and classic sans serif that is perfect for the wide variety of tasks it is needed for.

The new logo and identity have been rolled out to:

  • Office reception and exterior building signage
  • A full set of corporate stationery
  • Sale boards
  • Property Particulars

We are also rolling out a digital presence to include web site and e-marketing creative. Watch this space.

Checkley's Corporate Identity

Letter head and business card design

Close view of corporate ID and the business card design