Equality Exhibition - Fixed and Touring Exhibits

BRAP had completed an exspansive oral history project in and around Birmingham, interbiewing people and recording their views around prejudice and equality.

We segmented the exhibiton into distinct and unique strands and used museums archive materials to support the transcripts from the interviews.

Many of the recordings referenced historical events (and in many cases historical attitudes!) and much of what was available to us was cutting based. 

Given that the exhibition would eventually tour, after a stay in the Birmingham Central Library, and the assets available to us, we opted to produce the panels on correx - this was in keeping with the cut and paste design and type style and kept replacement costs to an absolute minimum. The expectation was that some panels would be damaged given their very public housing and some of the opinions held within them.

We pushed the messages as hard as we could - challenging the reader / viewer to ask questions of their own beliefs and broaching difficult topics "head on".

The project was supported by Herritage Lottery Fund. The working group included BRAP, ourselves and project manager Simon Redgrave of Scholars & Warriors with whom we work with regularly.

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Tapestry exhibition - correx poster boards

Each equality strand dealt with as a separate board

Designed to work as stand alone boards for school topics