Graphic Design and Branding for Book

Karman is an ongoing project documenting the history and continuation of Classical Indian Dance in the UK.

Stunn were instructed to produce graphics and exhition panels for the project alongside this book, which houses photography, an archive of flyers and posters and transcipts of oral histories, alongside historical context.

Much of the book is based on the life and work of Nilima Devi who leads the project and the CICD in Leicester.

Stunn  were also involved in the launch of the exhibition photographing guests and dance performances and generally being "on hand" to discuss our input on the project. The book was printed on Era Silk using vegetable based inks, adhering to strict environmental standards.

Read more about the building of the exhibition and the brand on the blog article

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Cover of Karman Book - Graphic Design by Stunn

Intro Spread - Type and Image Layout

Continuation of Cutting Theme That Runs Though The Book & Exhibition

Text Handling on Content Heavy Page Designs