Ron's Story - Promotional Film for BIG Lottery fund

In March 2013, Big Lottery Fund launched a new funding stream specifically targeting social isolation in the elderly. Ron, who this film is about, was involved in the focus group who helped create the framework for the fund - he is exactly the type of person the project is trying to help.

Ron's own story is a compelling one, going from happy go lucky and outgoing, to isolated full time carer, to a man who is afraid to leave his home and back again, to something altogether more uplifting.

We spent a day with Ron filming him in his own home and at Age UK where he now volunteers. Ron told us his story and we tried as faithfully as we could, in the film length we had to explain the plight of many elderly people, through the heart wrenching story of Ron's life.

You can watch the film in its entirety here 


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Ron's story begins with spiraling circumstances leading to social isolation

Ron's input at Age UK helping ensure others don't fall into the same circumstances

Ron in his role as social secretary enjoying calling the bingo at Age Uk