Witch Way iPhone & Android App

This is one of three live apps built on the same basic premise for Transdev.

The Witch Way is a key route for the group, this app was released to coincide with the relaunch of the service at the end of last year.

The application has been made for both iOS and Android. It locates the user's geographic location, plots them on a map and identifies the nearest bust stop to them, providing an estimated walking distance from the stop and also providing the fastest walking route.

Once a stop has been selected, the app then uses real time traffic information feeds to estimate the time of arrival at the chosen stop for the next bus and those following behind. If no real time information is available, the app reverts to stored timetable data and notifies the user that this is the case.

Changes to the route, special offers, timetable updates, changes of contact points, etc can all be updated online via a content management system, meaning that there is no need to redeploy the application when routine changes and updates are made.

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Key screens for Witch Way iPhone application

Zoom view of active screens - Witch Way iPhone app