Corporate ID & Brand Guidelines

We were commissioned by Alliance to overhaul their entire visual language - from logo and colour schemes to web site design, brochure styles, corporate communication and tender documents / report covers. 

We got involved when Allaince expanded from Guildford into Birmingham. The branding, while solid, was also really impractical. We were regularly printing brochures in 6 colours and everything was just a little bit too heavy and felt rooted in photocopies and butch, heavy black type. The message was lost in the colour scheme and materials were really inconsistent. It was impossible to use multiple suppliers and there was problem after problem moving between paper stocks, brochures, exhibitions etc..

Our first task was to tackle the colour scheme. The business was wedded to "orange and black" and a pyramid device used in the original logo. We simplified this into the circle device - dropped 2 oranges that would only print in spots and introduced a more versatile orange that was easier to print. Nedxt came the black - this was softened to a deep cool grey, to contrast the warmer orange and softed the overall feel. Black has a tendency to look cheap in print and the grey gave a more luxurious finish.

The type face used in the previous logo had aged badly, it wasn't available for the web and it clashed with the house fonts for typing and reports. We moved to a helvetica variant that modernised things significantly and gave us the versatility we required for screen and print.

Next we tackled display ad styles, brochure styles and the web site - introducing far more white space, and more concise and cohesive messaging. 

8 years later, the landscape continues to change, and we continue to work with Alliance Planning, now 4 or 5 times the size of business that it was when we began the project, and still using the tempate we set up for the move to medium sized business. We built in enough breathing room that the barnd has been able to grow and the guyidelines are occassionally tweaked and revised to keep the visual looking fresh and modern. The last image in this set shows the most recent piece of work we have created for them, against the very first in the business card.

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Alliance Planning Brand Guidelines Document

Corporate Identity Guidelines - literature and logo use

Business card design used across all staff

The old and the new - how the Alliance brand stacked up over the last 7 years