HTML 5 Configurator

This is a ground up HTML5 rebuild of a configurator that we first built in 2009 using Flash. With more and more traffic being mobile and tablet based, and with modern smartphone operating systems not supporting the Flash plug in any more, the time came for us to recreate this piece of software using a more widely adopted code base.

It was decided to create it using modern standards compliantHTML / CSS and optimise it for both tablet and desktop. It works on phone too, although the formatting and product itself aren't really suited to much below the "phablet" type screen size. 

The configurator for public use allows an end user to create a "look and feel" for their new front door step by step. A more technical version  of the software is used by fields sales staff and reps to also include measurements and pricing, so that a customer can be provided an estimate there and then. 

We have also packaged the application as an executable file that can be disptached and ran in store / at a trade desk.

The system uses a bespoke content management and administration suite developed by us on our v-project platform.

Custom built product configurator: Laptop and iPad view

Custom built product configurator: Laptop full screen view