Product Photography Deja Vu london

We've created product photography with a campaign feel and also flat / c-ring (e-commerce) photographs of product, just isolated to white for web site and brochure use.

The campaign photography was used both as still and in a promo video that we created for use at spring fair and on a single page web site, in lieue of the full web site (more to follow!) going live later in the year.

The straight forward product photography has been created primarily for web site use and print promotion, though we did use some in the stand design and 2.5M cut outs. The size of the cut outs meant that every detail had to be perfect; requiring some nifty photography and some niftier photoshop retouching to heal tiny pieces of damage in the samples.

Close up / abstract watch photography

watch and complimenting locket

Animal print watches on wet pebbles - shallow depth of field

Complimenting interchangeable lockets