Product Photography for Zandra Rhodes

Last year we travelled to Zandra Rhodes' London home to shoot a new collection of luxury and every day handbags. It was shot at Zandra's home to inject some of her unique personality into the shoot.

Her lounge doubles as a showroom and had everything we needed to build some fantastic sets. We brought a full team with stylist, model, make up and assistants to build the sets and shoot the product and campaign photography in just one day. This meant the shoot was kept to just 2.5 pre production and production days and avoided overnight and expenses costs.

The shoot was planned, shot and post production completed in house at Stunn.

We can shoot most kinds of product photography from the technical to the beautiful. Please call Karl now on 0121 616 0098 if you think we might be able to help you.

Still life of SS14 collection using objects available in Zandra's home.

Autumn / Winter set

Close up of single handbag