Responsive Bespoke Web Site Design

We've been working with Johns of Nottingham for around 7 years, having built the previous iteration of their web site.

Our task for this site was to port the content from their custom content management system into this updated modern standards compliant format and give them great scope and scalability across the various divisions of the business. 

The site has been designed to work on multiple devices and screen sizes, meaning the user will feel at home on desktop, tablet or smart phone without any pinch or zoom. 

Moving to modern standards and tweaking  the layout based on our understanding of how the web site would actually be used day to day has also led to a significant uplift in search performance. Johns of Nottingham tell us that they can directly attribute major sales to our work on their website, which is always good to hear.

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If you need to move your web site to something pretty, responsive, utterly mobile friendly and great to use, call Karl now on 0121 616 0098 

home page view from top of site

bottom half of home page

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