The Big Stuff That Won't Fit On The Shelf...

Digital has matured so far that almost any common or garden task has a platform or plug in to cope with it. Wordpress revolutionised the quality of entry-level internet and blogging. Magento and Shopify democratised e-commerce, both have homogenised the internet. What if you need more than that? What if your plans are more significant than crowd think?


Hello Better...

Stunn can step up where platforms fall. We can build a solution for you, not sell one to you. We can match your digital space to your real-world processes. We can make your offline partners your online partners too. The same back-office operations, the same banking partners, the same CRM, the same workflow. If your digital transformation is about translating your proven traditional working practices to a digital environment, we can manage a transition, without you managing quite so much change. The effect is business as usual in a brave new world.

Bespoke Software

A unique proposition may require an entirely bespoke solution. We've been crafting and maintaining purpose-built websites and software for a generation or more across professional services, mass transit, financial and retail sectors. If you've ever thought "wouldn't it be great if...", through sound consultation, smart ideation and a quality development team, you can and will get there. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, we have the knowledge, people and tools to realise it for you.


Integrations & API's

We specialise in complex environments with multiple integrations from different partner organisations. This experience can provide your people and your users with unified and fully integrated environments that can streamline and make sense of complicated offline processes. We can help you to work smarter in a more informed and infinitely more comfortable way. We can deliver collaboration, communication, transaction and customer satisfaction by doing the hard yards that make business feel simple.

Who To Talk To

If you've a UX or consultancy project you'd like to discus with us, please call Karl Baxter on 0121 616 0093 during office hours. Alternatively, ping us a message via the button below and we'll call you back at a time to suit you.