How do I claim a custom Linkedin URL

Already using Linkedin? Here’s a 2 minute job to make your Linkedin profile look more professional and to make you much easier to find in Google; simply by changing your public profile URL.

This is a free service provided by Linkedin on a first come first basis.. If your name happens to be Dave Jones.. chances are you might need to get a little creative, but you can still get yourself a tailored and infinitely more readable Linkedin web address by following these simple steps…

1. Log in to Linkedin and click the edit profile button in the box at the top of the page. Here’s mine with a slightly lurid hand icon so you can see where I am on the page..


If you look below the photograph of me, you’ll see a web address - this is the link to your public profile for sharing. It enables people who aren’t connected to you on linkedin to see basic information about you. (You can customise this too, from the same page)

2. After hitting “edit profile” Your public address will have an edit link next to it just like the one shown in the next screen shot.


Click on this edit link and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

3. This edit page has a lot of options. I’ve left the whole top section in to help you navigate to the right part of the page. You’ll see a link on the right hand side in the 2nd box called “Your Public Profile URL”. Again - look out for the green hand on my screen shot.


Click this link, which leads you to the final step.

4. When you click the link, a modal window will appeal. (A model is similar to a pop up window). Simply fill in the custom URL you want. If its available, Linkedin allows you to save and set it, or if it is taken, it offers you alternatives or allows you to type alternatives of your own.


I was beaten to the chase by another Karl Baxter. Mysteriously, that one doesn’t seem to have a public profile. I chose to add UK to the end of mine. We work internationally and there’s a product designer in New Zealand who goes by the same name, so the UK made sense. I could have chosen to tell everyone my year of birth, I suppose, but this isn’t hotmail, or 1998!

So that’s it. 2 minutes flat and you’ve got a much more memorable Linkedin  address to share as you see fit.

If you want to talk to me - feel free to connect with me - but do send me a message rather than using the Linkedin default, that way I know why you want to connect with me.. but Linkedin etiquette and how to best use it for networking is another article..

Connect with me - click my custom Linkedin URL

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