iPhone App for Unibus / Transdev

Our Birmingham app development team at Stunn have been working on an integrated real time passenger information and mapping application for UniBus at York University.

The latest enhanced version of the Veolia Transdev operated service mobile application has this morning gone live in the app store. The team are currently working on the Android roll out, expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

This application is built on our proprietary “key route” framework, designed specifically for bus services and bus users. The first roll out was for Transdev’s key 36 route. The system has since been expanded and extended with advanced optimisation of Google’s latest mapping software and an extremely lean code base to ensure that what is a complicated application can now fully support multiple routes. This opens the door to the marketing and servicing of key corridors in a fully immersed and branded manner.

iPhone Application Features Include:

  1. Location services - the application identifies where you are and where your nearest stop is. Stop data is taken from Naptan data and can be edited via a content management system.
  2. Walking Directions - using Geo-location, the system finds the shortest walking route from the user position to the bus stop and provides option to switch stops, taking account of direction of travel. The app gives an estimated time of arrival at the destination, based on a sensible walking pace
  3. Auto-plotting of bus route data. The system uses Naptan data for the stops to plot the bus routes in each direction. It is a predictive system designed to save time, but all routes are fully editable via the content management system.
  4. Real time traffic information - get accurate and up to the minute traffic information and decide when they need to leave their location in order to catch the bus. RTI is available in all directions and is simple to switch.
  5. Ticket information - The app holds up to the minute fares information which can be changed via a content management system.
  6. Offers and Promotions - General and targeted offers and promotions can be updated in real time via the application’s admin system
  7. Social Integration - A twitter feed is integrated directly into the application. It will also support feeds from other social networks.
  8. Supports Text Pages - The administration system allows pages with links, contact information, static timetables etc. to be updated over time so there is no need to repackage the application when changes are required. Admin runs on the Stunn CMS

This is the third live release of what is an ever improving piece of software. It is fast and responsive for multiple services and is tested back to iPhone 3. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod up to the latest generation and is currently being rolled out for Android.

You can try the app for yourself - it is a free download from the app store. unibus york iphone app

Our remit is user interface design, user experience, software development and support. You can find out more about the app, the technologies we use or what else we can offer with mobile by calling Karl Baxter on 0121 616 0098