Make mobile apps for more devices without killing budgets.

If you are wanting to create applications that work on many mobile platforms and devices, but don’t have the time or budgets to code for each and every one individually, then talk to us about PhoneGap development.

We use PhoneGap for lots of applications we build. Even if you think at first that you’ll just be creating just an iPhone app, using PhoneGap allows you to change strategy without changing budgets.

We can create most applications the way that we’d create a feature rich web site, using HTML, CSS and javascript. We then take the elements, package them for the phone / operating system / devices that they’re to run on and compile an application for the devices you need, available on the AppStore and all other mobile market places.

Sounds simple? Well it is, kind of. The main technical difficulties come from running complicated code on phones rather than computers. Where most PhoneGap developments fall down is the presumption that a phone works like a desktop PC.. it doesn’t. We use a comprehensive testing and development methodology to ensure that no matter how complicated the application, it will work as smoothly and quickly as possible.. Not just for our own code, but also for using more problematic 3rd party functions such as mapping.

If you want to see what we can do with PhoneGap in a real world application - download the following free application written for Transdev & The University of York

There’s a full run down of the app functions that can be read on that link, but in a nut shell..the application integrates Google mapping, real time traffic information, geolocation, walking directions, Twitter integration and a host of additional features. Version 2 is currently in production and will be rolled out for Android shortly.