Responsive, Professional and Flexible Web Design for Lockton Solicitors.

Our latest live responsive design web site has been produced for “Lockton Solicitors”. This division of Lockton Companies focuses on the insurance and risk management needs of the UK legal sector. It’s a mature audience with a very defined set of needs. Our remit was to cut into the copy and language and find the touch points with as little possible flab, to work a design for a UK audience that didn’t rock the boat on a wider branding level and to produce a final web site which not only had to work across a number of devices, but which could also be migrated as far as possible into an independent “logged in” client web portal / extranet. 


The content pages are necessarily quite heavy. taking professional indemnity insurance as an example… Legal profession PII is complex and the sales offering varies greatly from one broker to the next. Lockton’s focus on service meant that we were asked to present information, documentation, FAQ and reinforcement vis client testimonial, tailored to each offering.

This of course brings with it significant design challenges. There’s no getting away from the fact that the content is needed, so we tried where possible further up the hierarchy to keep the content concise and punchy and although there are a significant number of calls to action, we maintained, wherever possible a personal approach, synonymous with the way Lockton Solicitors like to do business.


Project Lead Calum MacLean’s take on the project:

Karl (& Stunn Ltd) were brought in to help us realise our aim of implementing a really effective client-service oriented website - one that was intuitive & with impact. He and the team have gone well beyond the extra mile - and crucially, demonstrated a real flair for identifying potential problems, and engaging with our decision process - and providing real value with honest, practical advice and best solutions. Karl is also totally switched on to all aspects of digital marketing. 

What he and the team at Stunn have achieved within a really tight timeframe and budget has been transformational - and I am very keen to continue working with them. Indeed I have already instructed them on an associated piece of work. Stunn really stand apart from many web design/build teams.

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