Fees & Charges

We operate with complete transparency in our pricing. All of our project costs are calculated against day rates and quoted or estimated  as early as possible into a project. The projects we work on range from just a few hundred pounds at one end, into seven figure accounts at the other end of the scale. It is impossible for us to provide a 'one size fits all' pricing policy for such a broad spectrum of work. It is possible for us to work with you on budgeting in a way that suits you. In broad terms, we tend to manage pricing as below.


A Straightforward Brief

If you come to us with a simple brief, we give you a costed schedule of work based on the scope you provide and any conversation that follows it. If the job stays on scope, the fee is fixed, giving you certainty on your budgets. We provide you with a timeline, a list of requirements and cut off dates and a friendly and organised project manager to keep things on track.

This approach works fine for most graphic design and photography briefs and 'every day' web site projects up to around 200 hours of studio time.

A Multidisciplinary Project

Where a project has many moving parts, it can be bordering on impossible to set a fixed price without introducing a lot of flab to your fee quote, which we really hate doing. We give an expected range price from assumed "best to worst case" so you can make an informed decision on the task in hand and on us as a partner. We then set a fixed fee for any exploratory work such as workshops and research and use the findings to provide you another fixed costs on what comes next.

Alternatively, you can simply explain the challenges and set a budget constraint and we'll plan a best fit solution around it.  


A Digital Transformation

With enterprise wide change, projects can run into thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of hours over months and years. It isn't always possible to scope transformations end to end, nor is it wise to, as things will change as you progress. We break the transformation down into bite sized chunks and treat each work package as a project in its own right, with one eye firmly on the main objective. Each major work package is broken down into several consultancy phases, creative and development phases and a maintenance & improvement phase. We provide a framework contract  to overarch everything we are doing for you and support this with ringfenced statement of work for each formalised project.

An Agile Account

Going 'open book' can be the simplest, cheapest and fastest way to engage an agency for the long term. We want to deliver value, entrepreneurial spirit and a transparency in the relationship that means you want to work with us for the long term. We set rates for pre-booked hours and work in an embedded way, meaning if your priorities change, we can change with them, without going back to the paperwork. You then have complete control of the schedule (with our help and advice, of course) and can work as 'agile' as you like. You reserve blocks of time (sprints), agree the goals and priorities for the block and we hammer through and review sprint by sprint.


Brains For Hire

We can drop in as fixers through any area of our expertise. Once we have an account set up, you can call on us ad hoc for tasks large and small with no onus on paperwork and preliminaries. We set a rate, fix a price where we can, and get on with it. You'll be charged at an agreed rate, for the time spent, with expectations managed and communicated and a simple bill at the end. 

This is a great approach for quick creative jobs, website updates, audits and the like. It also works for Agile relationships with low resource requirements (for example a few hours of "stuff" needs doing "here and there").

Guide Prices & Advice

If you've a challenge in mind, or want more information about general pricing and rates, please feel free to call Karl on 0121 616 0093 to discus and we'll often be able to get you within a shade of grey in that one call. Hot the button if you'd rather we call you.