Lockton Companies LLP, Enterprise Redevelopment


Lockton Solicitors

A new enterprise look and feel with unified templating and features across the front end, back office and client dashboards, ready to deploy across the entire suite of service sites.


What started as a small brochureware website in 2014 has mushroomed into a large scale digital transformation for Lockton Companies in the UK and beyond.

A suite of client facing websites has been produced to support many business units across the broader Lockton business. Predominantly in the professional services space, the suite of sites is being brought under one visual umbrella. Behind the scenes, many operating systems and dashboards have been produced to support client, broking and underwriting activity.

The first 24 months of the work was mostly modular, with the focus on addressing strategic challenges for individual business units. Since 2016, we have been working on unifying processes and building the software to support that unification of operation across the business. The front end templating is intrinsically linked to the working of the software, as design and process have been addressed holistically.

To support this philosophy, a new look and feel, in line with corporate branding and the marketing team's vision for the digital face of the business has been created. A single header style and general user interface has been established that works across brochureware, client dashboards and logged in areas, broker and underwriter operating systems, CPD interfaces and mobile applications. Many of Lockton's staff and clients across multiple business units for professional and personal lines of insurance, so it is deemed vital that the overall user experience be cognitively sound.

The entire front end is developed as an enterprise deployment so can be (and is being) rolled out to additional web properties, providing a faster route to market and good economies of scale.

For more information on this project, or if you'd like to discus engaging with Stunn as your digital agency, please contact Karl Baxter on 0121 616 0093.


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