Some Critical Success Factors for Effective Digital Transformation


The Most Successful Transformations are those with buy in and momentum

…a bit of structure and more than a smattering of tech savvy come in pretty handy too.


Successful digital transformation is led from the top, driven by all stakeholders and held together with shared values.

Today’s leaders and seniors who are enjoying successful transformations are doing most, if not all of the following.

  • Establishing a clear, values based narrative for the digital transformation. 

  • Engaging leadership, employees, supply chain and customers to help understand the challenges and drive the initiatives, based on the values you’ve established.

  • Enabling and encouraging the customer and workforce to challenge current ways of working.

  • Adding one or more key people with strong digital knowledge and in depth knowledge of your ‘business as usual’ processes to help translate standard operating procedures to the digital team.

  • Defining the customers’ and employees’ places in the digital transformation, and helping them to understand the benefits to them.

  • Having the most engaged and knowledgable employees support the transformation by helping the rest of their teams and business units connect between, and transition from traditional to digital working methods.

  • Adopting or developing reporting tools and practices that share knowledge and information across departments, business units and group companies.

  • Engaging or defining a programme manager’s role within the transformation to manage not just the portfolio of projects, but the portfolio of values and directives that guide them.

  • Collaborating as leaders and senior managers and ensuring wider collaboration across the organisation.

  • Driving momentum for the digital transformation from the top and throughout the organisation.

It’s a short and simple list.. Short rather than lightweight, simple, rather than easy. Using this little play book as part of your rule book will pay dividends in the success and risk management of complex transformative change. We know this, because the best projects we work on have all of these factors in place. The impact on business can be profound and importantly it can be measured and evaluated against the values the transformation was delivered to.

Stunn offer a tailored yet flexible consultancy framework for complex projects that ensure these success factors are considered throughout ideation, development and ongoing support. With or without us, building these strategies into your own major projects will significantly improve outcomes. From the smallest SME to the largest group, establishing a values based position and engaging with everyone who is impacted by the change provides a roadmap that everyone can get behind and delivers a depth of detail and context that is invaluable to almost every project.