You can have two hours of me, for free

An invitation to C-level executives, directors and marketing leaders to join our MD, Karl for a 1:1 mastermind session. No selling our business, just helping you with yours. 120 minutes of information and inspiration that you can take away and start using tomorrow.


Karl Baxter, MD. Digital Specialist

Karl Baxter, MD. Digital Specialist

The knowledge is on me.

I have over two decades of cross sector corporate work under my belt and a rich bank of experience to share. In a two hour mastermind session, I want you to leave with new information and inspiration, wider perspective and the benefit of some of our knowledge and expertise.

We'll dive into goals and challenges and what you can be doing right now to set the wheels in motion. I'll provide an agenda that allows us to discus your goals and, at the top level at least, what you can be doing to make them happen. We'll look at the commercials as well as the dreams and I'll draw on case studies from my day to day work. For the length of the session, you have an honest and independent advocate that you're welcome to lean on.

There'll be no sales patter and as few loose ends as possible.  




  • The framework agenda below will give you the opportunity to talk through some big ideas and pick my brains for some outside perspective. You can dive as deep as you like into any areas where you have knowledge gaps and take exactly what you need from the session.



  • What is the current position and how are things looking
  • Where you'd like them to be
  • How you're assessing and measuring things, and filling some gaps



  • Your perfect world - what does it look like and what's the impact on your business
  • What resources, human and financial would likely be needed to make it all happen
  • Dealing with the immediate impact on 'business as usual' 
  • How does the business case stack up

  • Open ended Q&A on any specific topics of concern
  • AOB




  • There and then advice to take away and start using tomorrow
  • An honest perspective on the effort and time required to get you over the line
  • Risks and challenges to watch out for from a brand, user and development perspective
  • A write up of minutes and key points discussed following the meeting


What's in it for Stunn?

Put simply, it's the opportunity to talk and network. Understanding other people's perspective and challenges helps us too. Masterminding is a great way for us to enrich our thinking and keep abreast of the challenges that business is facing from the leader's position. By giving a little of ourselves, we gain somnething too.  If you like what I've had to say and think we can help you, then all the better, we're on the radar, but you absolutely won't be sold to. The session is for you and about you.