Data & Physical Security

Our entire business is geared towards the rigourous guidelines set by the Financial Conduct Authority and Gambling Commission for the security and integrity of data. We hold no long term client owned data on site, instead working locally with test data wherever possible. Live data is generally held in the UK to GDPR ready standards with specialist hosts. All devices, both desktop and portable are strong password protected remotely monitored and can be wiped instantly when connected to the internet.

We have comprehensive and regularly reviewed communication and privancy policies and all staff are reminded of the importance of maintaining standards. Our staff agree to background checks and a full suite of insurances are in place. Breach response and business continuity policies are in place and the physical security of the buildings where work is conducted from are to a high standard, with immediate police response and 24 hour monitored CCTV.


Our Approach To Governance

We take our responsibilities as an employer and supplier seriously. Policies are regularly reviewed and staff handbooks published and maintained. H&S, fire and general risk assesments are up to date for staff and visitors and all legal requirements are met. New hires now undergo background checks and all staff are checked on a three year cycle, founders included. We believe in delivering a safe, inclusive and fair environment for all of those with whom we work and communicate, A full staff handbook, insuraces and sample contracts and policies are available for review on request.