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Stunn is a consultant led, “smart creative” agency. We specialise in transformative digital development across the entire digital space. 


connecting business and customers in effective and meaningful ways

We exist to make digital work for you. We love to solve problems and to create ways to do better business online. We work with you from concept development, through design and coding and on to maintaining, marketing and supporting you on your way.

We love the tricky stuff, the obstacles that demand peak performance. If you'd like to talk with someone about an opportunity or challenge you're facing, we'd love the chance to see where we might be able to help. 

Please call us on 0121 616 0093 or contact us via a brief form and we'll call you back or call in at a time to suit you.


we plan properly... 

We work with our clients from ideation and concept development through full implementation strategy  for digital and creative projects


A consultant led experience from battle hardened doers. No chin stroking, no flab, no fluff.

Working across the gamut of digital and creative services, we have a consultant led, business first approach to the work we do. The team is made up of in-house specialists in user experience, creative design, programming, data analysis and marketing. 

We work extensively in sectors as diverse as finance and retail, professional services and arts. Your customer is at the heart of everything we do. From our headquarters in central Birmingham, we serve businesses and their customers in their millions, all over the world.


we design intelligently...

We practice experiential design to produce living and breathing creative design and prototypes. You see as we make for screen or space.


engaging the right people at the right time, sharing knowledge and information every step of the way

There are no silos here. We don't design in isolation for the paymaster, the loudest voice, the marketing team or IT. We work with everyone who has a part to play. The design process is open and communicative; modelled to align and reflect vision across complex businesses, building advocacy and removing conflict to deliver something that everyone can stand proudly behind.


we build dilligently...

We experiment and we build firsts. Web sites, web applications, APIs and integrations, database design and development, platform development and ecommerce.

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a development team with an incredible depth of knowledge and experience

Our people are problem solvers. The consultative approach to work runs through everything we do. Everyone has a voice and the space to challenge thinking. The people behind the code aren't just about the code, they're creative, inquisitive, talkative people who provide input and value into every complex project, beyond the zeros and ones, and beyond the call of duty.