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Our processes ensure that your requirements are met with precision and creativity, underpinned by diligent consultation. High-quality research is fundamental to our work and foundational to the high-performance software and websites we create.

The Human Touch

We start with a consultative requirement-gathering phase, where we spend time understanding your business, its processes, and its unique challenges. This phase allows us to get to the heart of what you need from your software or website.

Next, we delve into the business process and/or user mapping. Here, we construct a visual representation of your processes and user journeys, highlighting the decisions that need to be made along the way. This step provides clarity, illuminates potential bottlenecks, and helps us design software that aligns with your operations.

Then comes our comprehensive UI design phase. We create intuitive, user-friendly designs based on your needs and feedback. From there, we move into lo-fi prototyping, providing a tangible, interactive model of your software or website. This process allows you to 'touch' and 'feel' the product before it's fully developed, ensuring we're on the right track.

The result of this thorough process is a comprehensive software requirements document, also known as a Statement of Works (SoW). This SoW outlines the exact specifications, functionalities, and criteria of the software solution to be developed.

Finally, we use a hybrid project management model, combining the best of waterfall and agile methodologies. This method ensures structure while also allowing for flexible User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and intervention points for rapid delivery and precision.

The AI Advantage

As we transition into an era of AI integration, our methods are evolving. Our AI doesn't replace our human team; instead, it enhances our abilities and streamlines our processes.

AI assists in requirements gathering, analysing vast amounts of data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that humans might overlook. In business process mapping, AI can help identify inefficiencies and predict potential challenges, enabling more accurate and effective maps.

During the UX phase, AI can gather and analyse user data to inform design decisions, leading to more user-friendly and efficient designs. As we move into prototyping, AI can automate many aspects of the process, speeding up delivery and allowing for real-time modifications.

AI's ability to handle large-scale tasks and analyse data swiftly and accurately makes it a game-changer in creating the SoW. It ensures a precise, comprehensive document with less room for misunderstandings or overlooked requirements.

In our hybrid coding model, AI helps automate routine tasks, freeing our senior team to focus on complex problems and innovative solutions. It also enables faster UAT, flagging issues as they arise and facilitating rapid responses.


Come On The Journey with Us

Our AI-enhanced processes provide you with faster, more accurate, and cost-effective solutions. You can rely on us for innovation, driving growth and efficiency for your business with a realistic pricing structure and immense scalability.

If you've a project or opportunity to discuss, we'd love to talk with you.

We are happy to work with medium and large commercial enterprises, arts organisations, 3rd sector organisations and well-funded start-ups / SMEs.

Our expert in-house team includes consultants, analysts, designers and developers. We're all background-checked and cleared permanent members of staff based in the UK.

If you're interested in hearing more about us, or talking with us about an opportunity, please call Karl on 0121 616 0093, Ben on 0121 616 0092 or drop us an email at

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