Eurocell PLC Configurator

First built by us back in 2009, the Eurocell "design your door" configurator was more recently rebuilt to modern standards. It is a configurator tool that allows a customer to select a door from a range, customise its design element by element and raise a quote request with Eurocell. 

The customer web application is available with more detail for physical branches as a windows desktop app, and for field sales staff as an iPad / laptop tool. These vesions allow accurate measurements and final specifications to be taken, it also manages pricing and triggers a manufacturing automation once a sale is closed. 

The following video shows a run through of the customer application in use. 


Check out a video I made via Loom

The Challenges

The configurator needed to be built so as not to rely on augmented reality, or need any particular effort on the part of the customer. It needed to be easy to use, but error trap properly, so a quote couldn't be raised for a product that can't be manufactured. It also needed to be as easy as possible to update, and provide pixel perfect rendering of a variety of products, with accurate positioning of door furniture and with accurate rendering of colour and detail.

The same tool was to be used for technical and sales staff, making the piece and end to end sales tool as well as a powerful lead generator for the general public to use. Built as a web application, it also needed to be recreated as an executable application for Windows Operating Systems and that extended functionality be available for field sales on a variety of devices.


Eurocell PLC Door Configurator - Customer Version


The Process

Having mapped out the screens and core user journeys for the system, we set about the creative process, designing the user interface and standardising 3D renders of every door and component element. Each component could be assigned to one or more doors via a rules engine in the custom content management system. The customer version was rolled out first and put under extensive user testing. Next came the field sales and branch versions, where a technical back office was added, and further rules engines to manage pricing and discounting for the variety of internal and external field sales representatives, keping pricing and terms of business for external reps in line with the rst of the business.

Next, an in branch version of the tool was created as a windows executable file so sales staff could work with customers face to face and manage quotations and pricing end to end. The final step was to integrate the specification with the manufacturing systems to streamline cost to serve and reduce the risk of errors caused by data entry and duplication.


Eurocell PLC Configurator - Start Screen



The configurator has been running successfully with continued updates and modernisation for the last 8 years both as a lead generation and sales tool:

  • 8 years and counting life cycle
  • Generating upwards of 1500 leads (£1M + revenue potential) in peak months
  • Low cost support and manintenance with high reward for ongoing use
  • Built on Stunn's V-Project development platform so subject to continuous improvement and avoiding obselescence over time
  • Separation of design and technology to allow updates to visual interface or data independently, again reducing ongoing cost.

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