Mojo 100 - Personal Development System

Mojo 100 is the latest training tool from Dr Sukhwant Bal, a corporate performance coach of some 25 years. We've worked with Sukhwant's "Tools for Leading Change" organisation for the last 15 years or so on a variety of web sites and software initiatives. Mojo 100 brings decades of experience and a suite of new and redeveloped performance tools under one umbrella as a multi-device self led personal development suite, designed to spark your motivation and add accountability for leaders across larger organisations.

Mojo 100 Logged Out Look & Feel

The Challenge

We were given a concept; how might we deliver a bite sized video training programme that offers more than the usual, and provides measurable results to those who use it. Can we marry the learning and insights to tailored coaching on specific character traits. Can we monitor and measure progress digitally over time and can we devise a method to deliver the programme to individuals, teams and across large enterprises.

The programme should run for 100 days, with a daily video 5 days per week, the opportunity to provide feedback on it, to measure your own motivation and monitor that of the team or teams that you manage. Based on a series of key metrics, it should assist and intervene directly in a personalised manner to improve on those metrics, and provide anonymous benchmark statistics to teams, organisations and across the wider client base. A user should be able to purchase seats and manage their account with minimal or no human intervention whether a large enterprise with multiple teams, an individual team or smaller SME, and be useful to a single user. Finally, it should feel like a native user experience whatever the device you're using it on.



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The Build

We'd previously written a survey and stats system for a monitoring tool developed by the Mojo100 team for use in large enterprise. Much of the methodology was still valid, but the code was written over a decade ago, without the benefit of modern tools. Despite still working admirably, we felt that with new features and use cases required, we should rebuild it to modern standards. The rest of the project was brand new, both in code and concept.

A number of hack days and workshops were conducted to allow us to iterate prototypes and define the business model from a technical, usability and commercial perspective. While there are any number of tools like this designed for individuals, few if any take the technology or the learning to this level of ambition, and with such variance in potential use.

From a printed book and some rudimentary design assets, we bespoked a brochureware promotional web site, a registration engine with credit card payment integration and the coaching system itself from the ground up. We used Shopify to build a cost effective e-commerce site where users can purchase supporting physical card exercises and books, to compliment the coaching system.

Mojo100 allows users to view a video each day. Leaders are provided with additional daily content to assist them in supporting the team or teams they manage. As each video is viewed, the user is invited to rate it on a sliding scale, to save it to favourites for later viewing and to leave a journal entry day by day. The system is split into 6 week blocks of 30 videos, each week addressing a specific theme. It restricts use, unlocking the next video the day after the previous one is viewed, forcing a sequential approach to the coaching.

At the beginning of the programme, and at the end of each 6 week block, the motivation survey is triggered, from which the user is asked a series of 40 questions. Their answers to these questions are logged, and their responses sent anonymously to their team leader. Motivation can be tracked over time and benchmarked against peers. Any negative aspects of the survey are supported by additional video coaching to help the user help themselves to be as content and motivated as possible.

A dashboard enables the user to add more journal notes, review their previous videos and to watch again should they wish. It displays data from the motivation index and tracks progress over time. Behind the scenes, an admin console allows system administrators to add and remove seats, set up teams and manage their subscriptions. This is supported by flexible and variable pricing rules and linked to a one click check out for ease of update. 

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The project has;

  • Significantly reduced manual intervention in the administration and use of the motivation tools
  • Facilitated marketing automation
  • Dramatically increased potential customer reach
  • Provided a revenue generating introduction to higher value services from the organisation
  • Developed a new audience for the printed literature sold by the Mojo100 team


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