Say As You Go - Binary Polling Application

This was a conceptual project that piqued our interest the second they walked through the door. Truly innovative and a big idea. An application that will use potentially huge pools of data to grasp the mood on the big questions; questions generated by real people, or organisations and mapped over time... Don't mind if we do.

Say As You Go Interface Look & Feel

The Challenge

Despite the underlying simplicity of yes / no answers, this was to be a feature rich application full of firsts, and built to a tight fixed budget. Can we build a polling system, with time based and geographical mapping and tracking, visually represented, easy to manipulate and easily understood? Can we build an instant messaging and personal wall for social interaction and personalise the whole thing so the polls and questions the users see resonate with them? Can we think strategically about ways to scale its use quickly, and can we build it on an infrastructure that supports that scaling cost effectively? Can we make it in a way that translates to both web and app? Finally, can we build it with technologies that are widely adopted, so that, at some point, it can hand over to an internal development team?

In the video below, a TedX talk at Warwick University, founder Zach Gold talks about some of the challenges that this application was built to address...


The Process

When the project arrived with us on recommendation from a consultant we work with regularly, the pre-project scoping and early user experience work had already been completed in isolation. We had a head start, but we also had some fundamental hurdles to cross, which in fairness is normal, when the planning and development processes are siloed in this way. We were concerned about uptake and scaling, as this was initially to be built solely as an app for iOS and Android. We introduced the idea of making a web application, embeddable widgets and wordpress plug ins, so the technology behind the system could be used in isolation, as well as using the site / app as a destination. We figured that this would help with scaling and uptake, and provide the marketing team with more options later.

As a result, the early work was built upon, and a robust project and development plan created, giving us the platform, to build the platform. The site was built out as creative first, with clickable prototypes made for the variety of screen types. This allowed for early draft sense checking and ongoing user acceptance testing, before we got too far down the road of developing the technology.

It went through an iterative design process until all parties were satisfied that the prototypes were fit for purpose and feasible within the budget. We then built a final technical specification out from there. The application was built using open source Java components and bespoke code to accelerate development and manage cost. During the development, some additional features were added that impacted the original delivery date, but in essence, the improved project was delivered to budget to an agreed timescale.


Say As You Go Desktop Detail Views


  • Agile design process visualised the end product and dramatically reduced feature creep, errors and omissions.
  • Prototypes doubled as a sales tool to allow early stage marketing of the product prior to completion of development.
  • Genuine world first start up platform, built from scratch with a modest and finite budget.
  • Scalable both in volume and function.
  • Built open source for full IP handover with no developer dependency.

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